What is XenReseller?

XenReseller is a plugin for DirectAdmin, which adds support for 3 new levels of reselling. These levels are:

  • Super Alpha Reseller
  • Alpha Reseller
  • Master Reseller

The default levels being:

  • Reseller
  • User

XenReseller also comes with a entire dashboard to facilitate the management of resellers and users.

How do levels work?

Each reselling level has the ability to sell the levels below it. For example, a Super Alpha can resell Alphas, Masters, Resellers and Users. This is compared to a Master Reseller who can only resell Resellers and Users.

Is multilevel reselling supported in DirectAdmin?

By default no, as DirectAdmin only allows Admins to create Resellers. XenReseller integrates into DirectAdmin so that resellers are able to create other resellers.