The install for XenReseller WHMCS's module is just like any other module. However, there is some specifics regarding login keys that you will need to ensure are correct.

Download the module

You can find and download the latest version of the module in the Settings page of the XenReseller interface.

Extract the module

Extract the module into the servers addons folder found in <whmcs-dir>/modules/servers

Setup Login Key

Login Keys allow you to authenticate with XenReseller without having to use the user password.

To set up a login key for the module:

  • Login to DirectAdmin
  • In the search bar, search for "Login Keys"
  • In the sidebar, click "Create Key"
  • Enter a name for the key
  • Generate a secure key using the button or by typing a secure password
  • Untick "Has expiry date" - this will make the key permanent
  • Enable "Allow HTM" - this will allow access to XenReseller's API
  • Allow the following permissions:
  • Create the login key

If you are a reseller and cannot see the Login Keys feature in DirectAdmin, make sure it is enabled in your package.

Setup WHMCS module

Now you have setup the login key, you can setup the WHMCS module as you would with any server module.

  1. Login to WHMCS
  2. Go to > System Settings > Servers
  3. Click "Add New Server"
  4. Set the Module to "DirectAdmin (XenReseller)"
    • If you do not see "DirectAdmin (XenReseller)" in the list, make sure you have extracted the module into the correct folder
    • Make sure you do not to select the default "DirectAdmin" module
  5. Enter the server details
    • Hostname: The hostname of the server
    • Port: The port of the server
    • Username
    • Password: The login key
  6. Test the connection
  7. Save the server

All done!

You have now setup the XenReseller WHMCS module 🎉


If you had previous products that used the old module, you will have to update your products to use the new module.