Getting Started


Once XenReseller is installed, you won't notice much difference on your server. As to use it, you will need to configure some packages first.

Package Configuration

XenReseller reseller levels are assigned through packages, not users. This means you set the reseller level you want e.g. Super Alpha on a package, and any user assigned with that package will be a Super Alpha reseller.

Here's how to setup a multilevel reseller package and assign a user:

XenReseller Interface

To modify reseller levels, you need to use the XenReseller interface, to find it:

  • Log into DirectAdmin
  • Make sure you are on the Reseller tab
  • Go to the Extra Features dropdown
  • Click on XenReseller

If you do not see XenReseller, make sure you have installed it and you are not on the User tab.

Package Manager

Click on the "Package Manager" tab, this will display all your packages, both user and resellers.

If you already have a reseller package you want to upgrade, click the icon next to it.

If you have no packages, you can still follow along by creating one using the "New Package" button in the top right.

Change Package Reseller Level

Once you are on the create/edit package popup, you can change the reseller level by selecting it from the dropdown next to "Package Type".

You can also modify the limits of the package here, all of which will be respected all the way down the chain.

Upon completion, make sure to click the save button at the bottom of the popup.

Upgrading Users

Now that you have a reseller package, you can assign a user to it. If the user was already on the package, they will be upgraded automatically.

If the user was not on the package, you will need to assign them to it. To do this click on the "Users" tab in XenReseller, and click the icon next to the user you want to upgrade. You can also create users on this page as well.

Once you are on the create/edit user popup, you can change the package by selecting the "Change Package" button and choosing one from the popup.

Upon completion, make sure to click the save button at the bottom of the popup.

All done!

You have now successfully upgraded a user to a multilevel reseller 🎉

Keep in mind that your resellers will also need to perform the same steps if they wish to create a Master or above reseller.